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EssayWritingLoft.us is an academic writing company based in 2800 Riverview Road #423, Birmingham, Alabama 35242 United States. Over the years, we have managed to set our writing standards very high with even higher enthusiasm from our customers. All the aspects of our company are driven towards having satisfied customers. We have a set of well experienced and qualified writers with PhD, masters and degree qualifications to better tackle the Term Papers, Research Papers and Dissertations directed our way by our clients.

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Essay Writing Loft is well conversant with the challenges that students and companies face when it comes to preparing proposals, research papers, reports among other necessary writings works and that is the reason we ensure that such people get our undivided attention with our professional custom writing services. Some of these aspects that necessitate our customers to get professional writing help include research limitations and time constraints – that is why we offer timely deliveries, ensure that our services are always of high quality and our communication with clients is consistent.

24/7 Service- Our customer care services are excellent as we have an always online live chat and instant emailing options that get to the attention of our customer care staff who answer all calls and messages that come through. The clients are well able to monitor the progress of the essay writing services being rendered, giving them an opportunity to clarify any instructions given and to update anything that is necessary to meet the right academic work standards.

Timely and Quality Work- The main features of EssayWritingLoft.us that set us aside as the best essay writing company online is the ability to follow to the later instructions from our clients and ensure that the best writers are available to deliver satisfactory work to clients.

Unique custom-made essays, reports, proposals and reviews–Our writers start the work from clients from scratch to ensure that all the directions given are well covered in the final work presented to clients. The custom-made work has over the years won us a lot of appreciative clients as this makes our writing services unique and uncommon. A well prepared document best describes the circumstances of the setting which a client lives –hence we tailor make the academic works to suit the environment and situations of the client’s place as expected in the instructions.

Professional Writers from different parts of the world –The professional writers that we recruit are from different parts of the world ranging from UK, US, Canada, Asia and Western Europe. This ensures that academic works from different parts of the world receive full attention and quality production is guaranteed. Different circumstances that our clients have create the need to have different native professional writers handling the academic work, and our company ensures that we meet this well.

Subjects Covered by Essay Writing Loft –Our writers produce high quality works in American History, Arts and Literature, Biology, Book Reports, Business, Computers, Culture, Chemistry, Dissertations Preparations, English, Ethics and Religion, Economics, Geography, Government, Health, Movies and Plays, Music, Poetry, Political Sciences, Proposals, Research Academic Papers, Social Sciences and Humanities, Sociology and Questionnaire Designing, Website Contents among others.

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Tom Scott –Boston

I first had my high school English Literature paper prepared by you and it turned out great! Since then this company has always been my choice! Keep up the good work guys…

Frankie Bolton, Birmingham, UK

I had my master’s dissertation prepared by you this year. I had given you clear instructions and involved you in every step from preparing a draft to the final copy. Let’s just say you delivered beyond my expectations. The time it took me to deliver the full dissertation error free was much shorter. I got as A!I think you have the best dissertation writing services.Thank you for this..

Charlotte Pascal, Orangeburg, New York 10962

Your live chat option is fantastic! I always get a reply promptly about the progress of my book proofreading and grammar correction service. I had needed my book well corrected to publish soonest possible. Thanks a million for making this happen very fast! The work was well formatted and corrected, I ended up just publishing it directly. Your privacy options are also fantastic- my work was well protected by you.Best academic website ever! Grateful!

WessonRohan, North Avenue Glenvil 4367

em>You got a well knowledgeable and organized team of writers. My Economics and Statistics Term Paper got very well prepared with recent details and scholarly works just as I had expected. Keep up the good work, your website is a stroke of luck for students!
DoylesEmmah, London, UK 2345
The creativity of the writer who handled my personal statement for college application and admission is brilliant. I got into the college with your help. Great Work people!